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Boxer Mod Slim YiHi200W with SX550J TFT Bluetooth – Ginger Vaper

Boxer Mod Slim YiHi200W with SX550J TFT Bluetooth


Boxer Mod Slim YiHi200W with SX550J TFT Bluetooth Temperature Control is designed specifically for professional and high-end vapers.  This device is powered by the YiHi SX550J Mini processor which provides intelligent power regulation with temperature control.  Precise Temperature Control, upgradable, 1.3″ TFT IPS screen, Bluetooth Interface and Graphic user interface operation, etc…  The Boxer is a small but extremely potent device, designed to provide a balance of both power and convenience.

A hybrid between our popular Classic and V2 designs, the sleek design provides a perfect ergonomic fit in your hand while offering 27 customizable outer casings for added protection from accidental drops or spills.  The inner core is made of black nylon plastic, strong and flexible but yet super light. The outer casing is silicone and can be conveniently removed or swapped to multiple colors. Powered by dual 20700 batteries permits extended runtimes and extra amperage for the more demanding builds.  Connecting the device to your computer via the USB cable with allow for chip upgrades by YiHi as well as balance charging.

Despite the taller and wider battery size, we’ve managed to keep the device tiny!!! At approx. 97mm(H) x 35mm(D) x49mm(W) it is almost identical in size to the G Class (18650’s) and smaller than any other SX550J on the market.


  • Ordering and shipping will resume the End of June

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