Hello welcome to our ijoy product demonstration video, in this video we will be looking at our latest innovative product, the Combo SRDA. The SRDA is a revolutionary product that will allow more beginner vapers to enjoy a drip atomizers. just like how the sub ohm tanks forever changed the way people use vape product, we believe the SRDA will be the future of vaping. It is the first pre-made coil for drip atomizer that is easy enough for anyone to get their hands on.
so that sub-ohm users can now enjoy their liquid flavor like a pro. The SRDA is a 25mm RDA by appearance, but with the most condensed punch of flavor.
This is due to the compact 19mm pre-made coil that act as a vapor production chamber. To ensure the quality of the coils, we’ve installed a circuit chip to every single coil for consistent energy output for the smooth vape that people deserve. On top of the chips is a custom made ceramic disk that acts as a barrier and heat insulator, to protect the circuit board from damaging of over heat. The cotton on this coil can be replaced by each user if they choose to do so. We have designed a special key to open up the bottom of the coil. First remove the silicone stopper at the bottom. Then insert the key and turn counter clock wise till completely unscrewed. Remove the bottom disk, and core coil and replace cotton. Once complete cotton replacement, allign the ceramic disk with the socket on the coil wall. You will noticed that is it aligned when they air way is parallel to the coils. Install the bottom disk with our special key, and don’t forget the silicone stopper to prevent leaking. Install the coil back to the RDA deck and vape on. I hope you enjoy the product demonstration video. Thank you for your love and support, I will see you on the next product video.

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December 4, 2017 at 12:33PM




Brand: IJOY


Units: pcs

The IJOY RDTA 5S is the sixth generation model in the RDTA line and implements an innovative Central Fill design, two post gold-plated build deck, dual adjustable airflow system, and a push and lock body section which protects the glass and makes wicking easier.

To fill the RDTA 5S simply remove the top cap and fill liquid down or go straight through the wide bore ultem drip tip without remove the top cap.

The bottom and side airflow system can be used independently or in conjunction with the bottom airflow for maximum air intake.

Innovative airflow, and ease of building, the IJOY RDTA 5S is an excellent option for users looking for a high performance atomizer.

Product Features

1, Capacity 2.6 ml

2, Diameter 24 mm

3, Compact size for ultimate taste

4, Innovative Central Top Fill

5, Dual Adjustable Airflow

6, Ultem Wide bore Drip Tip

7, Gold Plated building deck

8, Various colors

9, Great flavor and vapor production

Source: IJOY RDTA 5s