Resurrection ! – Mech Mods

Resurrection ! View attachment 190260 Haven't used my mechs for a while so just spent the last couple of hours cleaning up my fave, Kennedy 25 atop a khv broadside, brochrome coils @0.25 ohm and a good splodge of flawless can't stop My goodness what a combo ! Planet Of The Vapes Forum via … Continue reading Resurrection ! – Mech Mods

Cthulhu ‘mech’ tubes – Mech Mods

Cthulhu 'mech' tubes They say: Elegant, simple, side button design. Dual MOSFET chip support 0.1ohm and max 40A current. Cthulhu Tube is one of the safest tube mods on the market.It comes with Insulators. The battery will not short circuit even if the wraps are broken. Two vent holes close to battery positive … Continue reading Cthulhu ‘mech’ tubes – Mech Mods