Review for Cyclops Vapor Colossus

Unlike the Naked 100 e juice line which is on every vape shelf around the nation, there are a ton of great juices out there that deserve a mention.  So, for this review, we will take a look at an Alabama based vape manufacturer called Cyclops Vapor.  The Cyclops Vapor line consists of 8 main delightful juices.  There is Artemis which is a nice berry cobbler.  Athena, a tasty green apple.  Gryphon, which is a blueberry Danish pastry.  Hades, a roasted coffee.  Minotaur, a classic peanut butter cookie.  Phoenix, a fresh and crisp strawberry vape.  Poseidon, a fruity melon.  These are all the juices in the Cyclops line that we will not be reviewing today.  However, we will take a look at perhaps the star of show, the number 1 seller for Cyclops Vapor, the Colossus.

Cyclops Vapor Colossus is a sweet and smooth vanilla custard based e juice.  The subtle flavorings of cream, egg, vanilla, and sugar give the juice a nice throat hit leaving a fine taste on the exhale without an overconsuming aftertaste.  It is an amazing dessert vape that you can turn into an all day vape.  Many juices have that overpowering effect, but Cyclops took great care to make the experience a mild, but oh so delicious one.

Colossus is currently made with a PG/VG ratio of 35%/65%.  The VG is the vegetable glycerin and this is the active ingredient that helps create big vapor clouds.  The propylene glycol or PG is a commonly used as a food additive and gives the enhanced flavoring that we are used to.  In fact, the vanilla custard flavor is really brought out in this vape juice.

Colossus is available in 2 and 4 ounces bottles.  Unlike most vape juice manufacturers, Cyclops decided to use the more US favored weight measurement.  Most other companies use ML, and thus, the two available bottles are closer to 60 ML and 120 ML bottles.  From a nicotine level perspective, Cyclops carries 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG 12 MG, and 18 MG.  The most popular being the 3 MG and 6 MG nicotine levels, but Cyclops has created some stronger nicotine options as well as a 0 MG for those that love the taste, yet do not want the nicotine.  For the purposes of this review, I went with the 3 MG nicotine level.  I was able to taste the brilliant creaminess of the custard, yet feel a slight hit to the throat.  I could have used a stronger nicotine level, but as I am trying to ween myself down, it was more prudent to go with the 3 MG.

Colossus vape juice comes in a 60 ML or 120 ML gorilla chubby bottle.  I am partial to the gorilla chubbies because I am somewhat of a clumsy guy.  I have dropped countless glass vape bottles with the eyedropper and was glad to see the plastic bottle.  The design of the label is a bit outdated for my taste, as was the logo, but the juice was oh so tasty that I really didn’t care.  Its what is on the inside that really matters right?

To conclude, Colossus by Cyclops Vapor is an excellent dessert vape juice that will delight vanilla custard lovers everywhere.  Initially, I did not have high hopes for this vape as vanilla custard is not my favorite.  But the subtleness of the flavors in the juice have won me over.  In fact, I personally have put it into my short rotation of juices and as of print today, I am vaping the Colossus by Cyclops Vapor.

Buying E Juice Online versus In-Store

Buying E Juice Online versus In-Store

These days a vaper has many options when it comes to buying their vape juice.  You can shop online and get access to the myriad of juices that are available.  Or you can head to the vape shop down the street and get a more interactive experience with one of the sales staff.  To help you make a more informed decision on where to go, read on for the pros and cons of each.

Online Pros

Online purchases of vape juice is best for those who are looking for a deal or know exactly what they want.  Online stores for the most part are cheaper than the brick and mortar stores based on the cost to run them.  As such, there is usually less service provided to the customer.  Online stores are great for those who know which juices they like and make those purchases.  Also, some people live in rural areas where it is not convenient to go to a store, so they need to buy e juice online.

Online Cons

However, buying online takes a long time.  Even with the fastest shipping, a package will most likely take more than a day.  That instant gratification you can get when buying at a store is lost.  For those that need juice right away, buying online is probably not the best option.  Returns are also not as convenient.  If the company has a return policy, you would need to box up the products and send them to the company and often times, you have pay for the shipping back.

In Store Pros

In certain stores, you can try out different juices to see which ones you like to vape.  The helpful in store clerks are usually knowledgeable about the different vape juices in the store, so they can help guide you to the best juice for your taste.  With a brick and mortar shop, you can get that instant gratification of being able to vape that juice right away.

In Store Cons

As previously noted, the cost of vape juice in store, is usually higher due to the higher costs associated with selling the juice.  This is most notably the biggest reason to not go to the vape shop.  Also, with a small store, the variety of juices is limited as well.  An online store could carry hundreds of brands, while the local vape shop would carry like 20.

All in all, the vape shop is better for the beginning vapor and also to try out new flavors.  Buy vape online at when you know exactly what you want.